Miao Folk Music -- People and Nature in Harmony (2-CD set)
贵州苗族音乐--人与自然的和声(双 CD 集)          

The Miao, one of China's 55 acknowledged non-Han minorities, number more than 7 million in southwest China according to the 2000 national census, with more than half living in Guizhou province alone. Various theories trace the Miao's origins to such diverse points as Tibet and Mongolia, though their migration into the southwest has been more firmly estimated between the late Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) and the early Han (206 BC-220 AD). Today their population outside of China, where they are more generally known as the Hmong, stretches into Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Burma -- and more recently, the United States and Australia -- but southwest China remains the ancestral homeland and the cradle of its civilization.

The Miao (or Hmong, as they are often called outside China) stretches into Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, but the people themselves trace both their ancestral homeland and their cradle of civilization back to southwest China, with more than half of their population living in Guizhou province alone.
These recordings, made both in the broadcasting studios of Guiyang and in the mountain villages of southeast Guizhou, sample some of the music that remains closest to Miao tradition. From various forms of feige (or "flying song"), where solo singers customarily call to their lovers over long distances, to ensemble music for the lusheng, a bamboo mouth organ ranges in size from less than 12 inches to more than 12 feet, this collection offers scenes from a community that even today remain apart from the encroachments of modern-day life.
This 2-CD collection contains more than 100 minutes of music and a 60-page bilingual booklet with color photographs, detailed essays and complete lyrics.


Track Listing 歌曲目录
  01 芒筒芦笙曲/围寨舞 丹寨·排芽 01 Village Round Dance (Mangtong lusheng music)
02 飞歌/站在高高的山岭上 雷山·西江 02 Standing on a high mountain ridge (Feige)
03 情歌/相聚歌 雷山·西江 03 Meeting together (Feige)
04 盘歌/邀妹歌 黄平·谷陇 04 Invitation to a girl (Pange)
05 反排酒歌 台江·反排 05 Host, you are so good to your guests (Fanpai drinking song)
06 木叶独奏 台江·反排 06 A girl is standing on one bank of the river (Leaf-blowing)
07 西江酒歌 雷山·西江 07 Please come drink with us (Xijiang drinking song)
08 西江酒歌 雷山·西江 08 Please come drink with us (Xijiang drinking song)
09 飞歌/新民歌 雷山·西江 09 Our motherland has been liberated (New folk song)
10 情歌/见面歌 台江·反排 10 Meeting song (Love song)
11 情歌/邀妹歌 黄平·谷陇 11 Invitation to a girl (Love song)
12 谷陇酒歌 黄平·谷陇 12 We come to your home today (Gulong drinking song)
13 细调芦笙曲/送姑娘 榕江·滚仲 13 Sending the girls away (Xidiao lusheng music)
14 细调芦笙曲/骂姑娘 榕江·滚仲 14 Scolding the girls (Xidiao lusheng music)
15 细调芦笙曲/逗姑娘 榕江·滚仲 15 Making the girls smile (Xidiao lusheng music)
16 叙事大歌/清水姑娘仰阿莎 黄平·谷陇 16 Legend of Maiden Yangasha (Narrative Dage)
17 情歌/来玩别哄我 台江 17 Come, but don't lie to me (Love song)
18 革东酒歌 台江·革东 18 No matter how tall the trees (Gedong drinking song)
19 革东酒歌 台江·革东 19 I cannot live at home for too long (Gedong drinking song)
20 飞歌/芳草青青来相会 台江·革东 20 Let us meet where the grass is green (Feige)
21 飞歌/没有妈哪有儿 剑河 21 Without mother, there'd be no child (Feige)
22 大调芦笙芒筒/斗牛开场曲 榕江·滚仲 22 Bullfight - Opening (Dadiao mangtong lusheng music)
23 情歌/相思歌 台江·反排 23 Longing for my lover (Love song)
24 反排酒歌 台江·反排 24 While you are still young (Fanpai drinking song)
25 情歌/求爱歌 台江·反排 25 Asking for love (Love song)
26 细调芦笙曲/送客曲 丹寨·排芽 26 Bidding farewell (Xidiao lusheng music)
  01 细调芦笙曲/吓耗子 丹寨·排芽 01 Scaring mice (Xidiao lusheng music)
02 情歌/逃婚歌 台江·反排 02 Elopement song (Love song)
03 反排酒歌 台江·反排 03 When guests arrived (Fanpai drinking song)
04 情歌/相思树 黄平·谷陇 04 A little tree grows along the river (Love song)
05 木叶独奏 台江·大红寨 05 Leaf-blowing solo
06 情歌/单身歌 台江·反排 06 Being single (Love Song)
07 方召酒歌 台江·方召 07 You can live until you are sixty (Fangzhao drinking song)
08 谷陇酒歌 黄平·谷陇 08 This time we are matchmaking (Gulong drinking song)
09 情歌/牵牛花 雷山·西江 09 Morning glory (Love song)
10 情歌/水从哪里流 雷山·西江 10 Where does water flow (Love song)
11 情歌/成双歌 台江·方召 11 Couple Song (Feige/Love song)
12 情歌/青春歌 台江·方召 12 Song of Youth (Feige/Love song)
13 情歌/悄悄话 台江·革东 13 Intimate conversations (Love song)
14 情歌/小小木叶树 台江·排羊 14 Little tree (Love song)
15 情歌/找个人去嫁 台江·革东 15 Find someone to marry (Love song)
16 细调芦笙曲/跛脚舞 丹寨·排芽 16 Stepping dance (Xidiao lusheng music)

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