Dong Folk Music — People and Nature in Harmony (1-CD+1-DVD set)
贵州侗族音乐 — 人与自然的和声( 1-CD+1-DVD 集)

The Dong people, one of the China's 55 acknowledged non-Han minorities, live primarily in southwest China, with more than a million living in Guizhou province alone. The remoteness of their communities helps account for the uniqueness of their culture, which is marked not only by its music but also its distinctive architecture. Han Chinese historical sources dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.) account for the Dong as a descendant of the Luoyue branch of the Baiyue tribe. The Dong people of southeast Guizhou trace their ancestors to the eastern province of Jiangxi.


侗族是古“骆越”的一支。魏晋以后,“骆越”部落又被泛称为 “僚”,侗族即属于“僚”的一部分。古代有不少关于洞(峒)人、峒蛮、峒苗的记载,称这一地带居住的人为“蛮” “溪峒”“峒民”,侗族的族称,可能由此而来,侗族地区不少村寨,目前还保留着“洞”的称呼。

The Dong people, one of China's most musical minority groups,
number nearly 2.5 million and live mainly in Guizhou, Hunan and
Guangxi provinces. Known for dwelling in beautiful natural settings,
the Dong people have maintained a way of life far removed from the
Chinese mainstream.

These studio sessions and field recordings showcase some of the most
distinctive music still to be found in today's China. From choral da ge
(or "big songs") to solo pipa ballads, from festive drinking songs to
solemn historical narratives, this collection harkens to a pre-literate
tradition in which every aspect of life was expressed in song.

Included is a 48-page, full-color bilingual booklet with essays and complete
translations. The accompanying DVD includes rare footage of
Dong villagers introducing their music and culture.



01 混声大歌·正月二月燕飞来 Swallows return in the first and second months (Sound imitation da ge) 02:34
02 拦路歌·今天我们忌寨门 We close the village for rituals (Gate-barring song) 01:18
03 拦路歌·松杉拦路拦不住 Trees cannot bar us (Gate-barring song) 00:26
04 声音大歌·若不唱歌说我心地傲 If I don't sing, my friends say I am proud (Drum tower da ge) 02:01
05 鼓楼大歌·若不唱歌青春流水过 If we don't sing, youth will pass us by like flowing water (Drum tower da ge) 02:43
06 童声大歌·筑塘歌 Building a pond (Children's play song) 01:10
07 童声大歌·春天到了燕子飞 Spring is here, swallows fly (Children's song) 01:23
08 笛子歌·禾谷扬花娘逼我出嫁 My mother forces me to marry (Ballad accompanied on flute) 02:06
09 琵琶歌·远方的情人 Separated by mountains and waters (Pipa ballad) 02:22
10 声音大歌·为掩我心去把蓝靛薅 I use a blue cloth to hide my heart (Sound imitation da ge) 01:48
11 鼓楼大歌·何时才能会情郎 When can I meet my love? (Drum tower da ge) 03:00
12 琵琶歌·四代同堂传美名 Four generations together, in good name (Pipa ballad) 02:13
13 琵琶歌·晚辈要把老人敬 When the elders live long, families are harmonious (Pipa ballad) 04:23
14 声音大歌·蝉哭亲娘我叹青春过 Cicadas are crying (Sound imitation da ge) 03:42
15 声音大歌·妹在外寨不陌生 My love left the village (Sound imitation da ge) 03:58
16 酒歌·妹我不敢心想多 I dare not let my heart wander (Drinking song 00:34
17 酒歌·妹捧酒杯敬情哥 I offer a cup of wine to you, my love (Drinking song) 00:30
18 酒歌·一杯水酒一份心 A cup of wine is a dose of heart (Drinking song) 00:25
19 琵琶歌·久不见面常相思 Missing you (Shangzhong pipa ballad) 04:05
20 琵琶歌·蝴蝶寻花 I am a butterfly searching for flowers (Shangzhong pipa ballad) 02:59
21 琵琶歌·丢久不见常相思 My love, why did you throw our love into the river (Pipa ballad) 03:42
22 声音大歌·江水流过妹心焦 At the flowing water, I am anxious (Sound imitation da ge) 02:14
23 山歌·登上山顶放声唤 Call from the mountaintop (Mountain song) 01:01
24 叙事大歌·嘎塘公 Village Elder Tang Gong (Narrative ballad) 04:15
25 踩堂歌·万人同唱一支歌 Ten thousand people sing together (Caitang song) 01:01
26 踩堂歌·齐歌共舞享太平 Sing and dance together in peace (Caitang song) 01:48
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